The introduction of a research paper forms an essential part of the whole project. Without it, there is no way you can go on to develop your writing. Your introduction’s content is what you would develop and explore in the remaining chapters of your paper. The best practice is first to draft your introduction and then go on with the other chapters. Afterward, you can shape it to suit what you’ve written.

What is a research introduction?

The introduction paragraphs serve as the opening to your paper. It is where you introduce your topic, present your research statement, and give some background to your research. The introduction is the first thing your audience reads before deciding to continue or quit. Therefore, it should be exciting and attract the reader’s attention. 

How to Write a Research Paper Introduction?

As mentioned above, it is an excellent idea to write your introduction after completing the research paper. Also, you can just buy college paper online at a low price and get rid of troubles with introduction writing. It helps you identify the main points and gives you a broader perspective of the paper to include in your introduction. That aside, it makes the introduction very strong and fact-based to attract attention. Now here are things also to consider:

State your topic

The first paragraph of your introduction should contain your topic and a little background to it. It is good to be broad on the subject at the introduction level and later narrow it down to where you want to specialize.

Stay Unique

Don’t follow the masses and the standard template of writing an introduction. Try to be innovative by adding a touch of style and staying different. You can start your introduction with a quotation if you are in the humanity field. In the field, you can begin with something interesting or unknown facts. This creates some enthusiasm among readers.

Make it clear

Bear in mind that not all your readers are from academia or your field of study; hence, be clear and concise. Every key term you use should be well explained or broken down for easy understanding.

Shouldn’t be too long

Your introduction is just a gateway to your thesis; therefore, it should be brief but filled with critical information. You should be able to explain your main points without keeping it too long. A good introduction shouldn’t be more than 1000 words.

Make mention of your keywords

Your keywords or phrases should have a place in your introduction. It makes your work easy to search online.

Be coherent

Your introduction should flow, and each sentence must agree with the former. A coherent sentence is easy to read and understand.


Having your introduction intact, on point, and engaging is necessary if you want to create an impressive research paper. Don’t forget that the opening paragraph is what gets your readers wanting to read more or less. These and more reasons are why you should get it right. A perfect intro should boldly present your topic, have a strong research statement, an engaging background, and highlight the research’s aims and objectives.


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