Generally, a research paper comprises the writer’s thoughts on a subject and further research/analysis. In the end, the conclusion he/she comes up with confirms previous theories or challenges it, provoking further research.

But do you know there are different types of papers? Do you also know that each of them has their own style of writing and format? Well, knowing this helps you to come up with a masterpiece and an unambiguous piece. Therefore, it is best to accurately interpret every topic assigned by your tutor to know the requirements and expectations. Below are the seven types of research papers and requirements.

  1. Argumentative paper

In an argumentative paper, the writer talks about two highly debatable subjects, chooses a stance, and tries to defend it using facts and figures. You will have to first present unbiased facts from both sides of the issue and analyze them before choosing a position. For example, you may be asked to write on “nature and nurture, which has a powerful influence on a child’s development”? In this situation, you have to pick a stance on the topic, yet, you need to give background information on both sides. Afterward, you develop your points as to why you believe one has a stronger influence than the other.

  1. Analytical paper

In an analytical paper, the writer factually analyses two or more viewpoints without adding his/her opinion. He/she analyses previous research on the topics and uses the same for their findings.

  1. Definition paper

Here, all the writer does is describe the subject factually devoid of opinions and biases without analyzing it. You have to rely on information from different sources for only factual information on the topic.

  1. Compare and contrast papers

Mostly used in literature courses, compare and contrast paper analyzes works or authors from the same genre to determine the impact/influences of their works. In social sciences, it is used to compare theoretical opinions, while in philosophy, it is used to compare ideologies held by politicians, religious and business leaders, among others.

  1. Cause and effect papers 

This research type is used in both education and business fields to trace possible results from a specific action. Aside from outlining the results of the action, it can also predict possible outcomes of that same situation.

  1. Reports

Report paper is usually assigned to outline the reasons for a particular situation or phenomenon. A report is generally commissioned by a business entity, government agency, or any other to assess critical situations or happenings around, including human resource, risk assessment, or viability of a business venture. Reports writing must always be factual and represent the situation on grounds. No emotions must be attached when writing such papers.

  1. Interpretive papers 

Interpretive papers require students to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired in their course of study in particular situations. Such papers should be evidence-based backed by data to support the findings.

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